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PayPal – Bank transfer/iban – swishBitcoin – Western Union – payex And MOre.

Don’t forget it’s all for a good cause! You can easily come in touch with us first via mail ✉. We will respond ASAP with a link 🔗 to an crypted online chat where we can talk peer-to-peer as ICQ, WE ACCEPT PAYMENTS AS much easier without registration at all.

Please help us to build up our dog 🐶 shelter that we run 110% none profit. Everything from essential things as Veterinarian costs, Food, Collars/Harness, Toys, Beds to there boxes. And everything else that comes with dogs.

We are Not Going to haNDle two ✌️ dogs.. More like 40 doGS. so if it still needs donations….? Yes, Very much so!

We will put up every donation company’s banner on our website, all social medias and actual dog shelter.

so heLp Us – we Will heLP You! We Won’t Be Able To Co-operate wiTH lots Of Sponsors. We only May Need _one_ /Colllars, one/toys Etc etc

How do I know for certain that the money won’t go to own pockets? Beacuse we wouldn’t have started this none profit organization if that’s was the case to begin with.

plus a veterinarian bill is easy to proof and we will be totally transparent about our organization and theese donations/sponsors.
Go to & to read little more about our dog shelters (Translation: Dog Shelter = Hundstall)

Fill in form below regarding anything at all, there’s no dumb questions – only dumb answers


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